Bases Loaded Sculptures

Bases Loaded is a fantastic project located at the heart of the City of Williamsport; the birthplace of Little League and home to the Little League World Series. The series of sculptures commemorates the history of Little League with twelve individual statues, each depicting different eras in baseball with period uniforms including details from the 2000’s, the ’40’s and ’50’s – even patches from the league’s very first sponsors – embracing the diversity and timelessness of a sport played around the world.

The design for Bases Loaded is fashioned after a traditional baseball diamond with players loading the bases at each corner at the intersection of Third and Market Streets downtown. Each base is connected by a crosswalk, depicting the base lines. From behind the backstop, Carl E. Stotz, the creator of Little League, observes a batter, catcher, and umpire grouped around home plate. Two players adorn each base mid-play, as if the bat has just made contact for a home run. Sculptor, Matt Glenn of Big Statues, masterfully created the realistic characters with meticulous details such as a tattered catcher’s mask and complex shoelaces.

Jason Fink, Executive Vice President of the Lycoming County Chamber of Commerce, and Executive Director of the Lycoming County Visitors Bureau, was key in putting together the teamĀ and the fundraising efforts to make this donation-funded project a resounding success. He continues to partner with others in the community to keep the project going; adding an outfield player to the Trade and Transit II building in 2016, and recently unveiling the pitcher at the entrance to Historic Bowman Field prior to the MLB Little League Classic in August 2017.

Project Location:

Intersection of Market and Third Streets, Williamsport, PA