Educational Portfolio

We are committed to creating inspiring environments for education at all levels. We have served numerous colleges, universities, and K-12 institutions in need of campus master planning, academic buildings, administrative offices, student centers, residence halls, and athletic facilities. We study the institution’s strategic plan and reinforce our understanding by integrating unique architectural features and planning solutions to create spaces that support the education pedagogy and foster the pursuit of knowledge.

Featured Projects
Jersey Shore Public Library
Interior renovations and entrance addition to the former Epworth United Methodist Church for the new Jersey Shore Public Library. Included was an 800 square foot, 2 story building addition with elevator and accessible entrance, and renovations for a new Community Room, Stacks area, Children's Reading Room and Storytelling Areas, Work Room, Offices and Support areas for the Library staff. This was an inspirational project because the monumental stain glass windows and sanctuary chandeliers provid ... Read More
Lycoming College - Wertz Student Center
Construction of a new 12,000 square foot, 3 story building addition to the existing Wertz Student Center and renovations to the former bookstore to provide a new 3,500 square foot formal Banquet Room and Conference Center. The addition included support offices for Student Services, a new Bookstore/Clothing/Convenience Store, new elevator system for handicap accessibility to all areas of the complex, and a major expansion of the main Student Dining Area.
Hughesville Public Library
A new 7,900 square foot, single story library facility in the Hughesville and eastern Lycoming County area including a new Community Room, Book stacks area, Children’s Area, Storytelling, and Reading Rooms, separate Computer Room, Work Room, Offices and support areas for the Library Staff. The building design was unique in allowing staff to maintain full visual contact from the Control Desk to all critical areas of the Library.